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A Sense of Flight (or Fight)

what is the sound of a feeling if it's from harm or healing? what is the taste of a punch if it's not a beverage with lunch? what is the look of an insult if it's from one you no... Continue Reading →

Day 20: Volcano

The adjective ‘unperfect’ is the same as imperfect and has practically dropped out of favour...but it's still a word. it wasn’t perfection she was after not even extremely good manners and wasn't bothered with education she thought unperfect was fine anything would... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got This

Sometimes in life we try to make sense of conflict by using the emotional tools at our disposal. Because every action is powered by a motive, I imagine that we could easily confuse our weapons and our wounds. How on... Continue Reading →

Where Are The Heroes?

Where have all the heroes gone? -the ones with the tiny voices -the ones that live in our heads You know what I mean... -the ones that say people are more precious than guns -that loving your neighbour is cool... Continue Reading →


How a hand so smooth Can cause so much violence Without a wrinkle ©Vivian Zems Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku #174

Be Prudent

(Daily Post) When the hate starts to build in your heart And you advance to tear her apart When your control starts to slip away Take a breath..... keep the rage at bay You may not know the cause So... Continue Reading →

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