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The Thing called Light

Whether sat quietly at the end of a tunnel or out and about chasing the darkness or even casting its glow on new ideas -light is forever busy illuminating, exposing and even beckoning to us -travelling at great speeds to... Continue Reading →

Every Tunnel Ends

Placed in love's graveyard, in a vortex of darkened chaos, a foreigner to kindness -charred by molten lava she endures all-without murmur The tunnel narrows light at the end driving out sorrow Hope? A silent exit she sighs -having tried.... Continue Reading →

Wrong Tunnel

My heels echo in the tunnel. The 3 figures before me stop. NOT SAFE! With whoops of laughter, they charge! My fangs elongate. Dinner time! (C)- Vivian ZemsĀ  140 characters Twittering Tale #55

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