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Tuesday Poetics

A Dad’s Wedding Speech

(A father reads his letter to the groom) The first to embrace her was me The first to kiss her was me The first to care for her was me Still, I hope you will be the one  to accompany... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

These days.... shipwrecked on the shores of the living Most days....carving a  new path with my shovel Some days ....chasing my rabbit-running heart.... imploring it to ‘please calm down!’ Sometimes....hiding under a thick blanket of metaphors  Most times......hiding my fire-breathing... Continue Reading →

Ransom on its Way!

A kidnapper makes the call gleefully dreaming of his windfall With a voice laced with honey he demands all the money reciting his bank details and all! ©Vivian Zems Today at dVerse, and we are to write a funny poem beginning... Continue Reading →


Grief is my nemesis I wear blindfolds so I don't see it avoiding the ambush naked pain dulled to darkness sidestepping evisceration Is it my sin or is it weakness? ©Vivian Zems Lillian hosts dVerse with several words from three... Continue Reading →

Let’s Pretend

Let's pretend that in the journey of self discovery There's a promised land in the middle of the sea The eroded road of experience leads to the edge of destiny Beyond this is a sea of emotions ever so untrustworthy... Continue Reading →

Keeping Vigil

I see she's been crying by her wet puffy eyes I see she's been aging troubles march across her face Her dress- once flowery is charred with terror Her back-once straight sags under worry-weight I sit with London I share... Continue Reading →


Daylight and children clap their hands with mirth and glee as clocks jump forward happily swinging on a tree children play wild and free daylight waits for the evening meal ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Dverse Tuesday Poetics- Hosted by Lillian


Dead woman      walking by soul-less eyes        cast far beyond A state of being      long forgotten All she does now      is envy others comparing her life      to their own twisted... Continue Reading →


If I had a super power It would be to reverse time I would rewind every hour to moments I can devour that-to me would be sublime I'd go back to a place to press the reset button I'd have... Continue Reading →

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