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Tuesday Poetics

Wisdom’s Trajectory

From my window at the top of the hill I observe the once vibrant city whose streets were ruled by Wisdom She gathered her people and gave them counsel until they sought their own wisdom She was like a tree... Continue Reading →

The Blind Man

Where can a blind man live who is pursued by bees? Where does he go when dark clouds above occupy his mind? -and concrete seals off the sky? What is he meant to do when the world is one shade... Continue Reading →

Another 24 Hours

There’s nothing like fiery passion to fuel dreams. It pays to write down your dreams and your goals - constantly revisiting them until a fire is lit. I find it opens the mind’s eye to the bigger picture. There’s nothing... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of My Name

I turn to the horizon filling my lungs with air I embrace the gift of life a gift I wish to share   You cannot see my heart but you can hear it speak Filled with life- that I am... Continue Reading →

In the Classroom of Life

A heart falls on a carpet of thorns hurt and dismayed that the cushion of promises has been so callously replaced It lies there- bleeding from its many wounds. But ....slowly it begins to heal- scar tissue toughening its innards... Continue Reading →

Let’s Un-jade Ourselves

If we roll with the punches and take the good with the bad we may become as wise as the ancients and quickly forget how to ‘get mad’ Moreover ... If we let sleeping dogs lie while we keep our... Continue Reading →

Dead Words

Amidst cumulus clouds of silence  words lay writhing in the throes of death -unable to breathe... hence lying still   These are the moments I dread the most When words die on my lips and silence thunders to the fore... Continue Reading →

A Canary Sings

With the opening of her cage door a canary takes a tentative step forward carefully stepping over grass and basil she spreads her little-used wings shaking off marigold dust only stopping to pick up a single yellow rose Free at... Continue Reading →


You can’t dream when you’re busy surviving  You can’t fly when you don’t know you have wings You can’t see while wearing the blindfolds of pain So open your eyes  spread your wings Fly as high as you can past... Continue Reading →

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