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Let’s Un-jade Ourselves

If we roll with the punches and take the good with the bad we may become as wise as the ancients and quickly forget how to ‘get mad’ Moreover ... If we let sleeping dogs lie while we keep our... Continue Reading →

An Unreliable Lover

I aim to shatter the illusion  of the quality of money’s embrace -no matter its finesse  Even as a masterful lover it has no empathy for your cri de coeur -its catalogue littered with broken hearts ...marked by the brevity... Continue Reading →

Between The Lines

“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read” ~  Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason Reading books to fill my time -stories of perfect laughter -tales of action and crime   These fables took me away rocking my... Continue Reading →

And Stay Out!

I hear grief knocking on my door trying to get in I let him knock....and he does so incessantly I'm not falling for that again All he bears are misery and extreme pain The last time I opened that door... Continue Reading →

The Cliff of Reason

Amorous love -a dangerous thing - a face-dive off the cliff of reason without promise of soft landings - a pot-pourri of emotions Yet risk it some do- time and again that ceaseless search for validation fearful hearts placed on... Continue Reading →

What Gives?

  What is it about a poem that wakes you up at night It hovers and whispers even though it’s not yet light   Exhausted bones groan Wearily - I moan “No pen or paper today please…. please go away”... Continue Reading →

How did….?

Compassion become a curse Open hearts become trampled on Meaningful gestures get misinterpreted Pitying become so despised Acts of kindness become easily forgotten Selflessness become such a rarity Sheltering a lost soul become dangerous Inner reflection become a joke Open... Continue Reading →

Journey of a Single Tear

Gathering in corners blinked back by an eye A single tear quivers in distress and great demise It journeys downwards heavy with melancholy It travels southwards filled with a sad story It trembles greatly the world’s weight it carries A... Continue Reading →

Throes of Passion

If it doesn't whisper in your dreams waking you up with a racing heart it's not your passion If it doesn't make you burn the midnight oil creating more time out of the ether It's not your passion If it... Continue Reading →

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