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Day 28: Where Have all the Saints Gone?

Would that words never wore disguises or found the need to lay on lying tongues Would that integrity still had the same cachet and a straight path was the only one of its kind Would that being a person of... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Lothario

When the terrorist of love strikes hearts are too shocked to break ...before they crumble We call this Lothario by a playful name even though cruelty coats that velvet tongue that is so sly as to reach between the bars... Continue Reading →

A Tongue of Two Sides

“His mind’s all black thickets and blood”    from Songs of Unreason I once knew a man who spoke in tongues of flaming fire But you’d never guess from his charming persona A forked tongue of charm and harm- murmuring... Continue Reading →


(#Tau Ku) It shocks like a taser It cuts It eviscerates- this here tongue Micks-short-form-poetry-challenge #2; prompt- "it"

A Small Member

(A Rictameter Poem) Oft Praises Shouting curses Using to pour blessings Not hesitating to redress Sending greetings of the best in good health Whispering gossip under breath The tongue, a small member Speaks hurt but it Forgets Oft Copyright ©... Continue Reading →

Seen or Unseen

Her beauty was within Hidden and thin She never believed,  Inner beauty  Never released   Her external attributes  Were her beginning  And her end Tattoos and piercings  A trap for flawed men He gazed at her tattoos  Traced them with... Continue Reading →

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