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Playing for Time

Nervously biting my nails and tapping my left foot impatiently while staring at the clock of time…..these qualities are so not me. Is it a blessing or curse to be imbued with patience? That, I can never tell. Some would... Continue Reading →


The Sands

How is it that sand between toes ....right here and in this moment... can be also running through an hour-glass marking the end of someone else's time I marvel at the power in all these grains which pleasure or... Continue Reading →

The Cost of A Story

I sit in my car fervently tapping away on my phone. It’s where I write articles, poems and stories- in total freedom. It’s where I create a doorway -of my choosing - into another world. In this world I’m The... Continue Reading →

The Power of Tears

Resting stoically on a hill are two boulders that once were known as one Shorn by the constant dripping of the sky's tears and dry throat of the earth Opening up over time as stony hearts tend to -after years... Continue Reading →

The Fade of Things

The allure of youth with a beauty that enchants lasts for a season -giving character a chance to reveal its unmasked face ©Vivian Zems Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge # 77 -charm/time synonyms NaPoWriMo -day 1

The End is Nigh

A woman at a certain age counts her hatched chickens she observes life's horizons  and thinks.."what the dickens?" she draws up her bucket list and starts marking her dreams she develops itchy feet because time has sped up-it seems a... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem!

Time adorns itself with joys and sorrows galore Its pendulum swings- sweeping moments in tandem Observe!-As I swing along ©Vivian Zems (#Tanka) Poets United - Carpe Diem


Awake! a new dawn snow pelted leaves frost covered windows a new day wrapped in ice time unrolls her red carpet Euphoria ©Vivian Zems MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt #241

Time, Standing Still….

Leaving behind city days with no end taking in the scene of tranquility searching for the pause button  moments wrapped in moments suspended in pockets of time the earth hums a beat ©Vivian Zems Idlewild by Sharon Knight Mish hosts... Continue Reading →

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