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Day 15: The Slave Master

There's a tragedy in not being able to control one's thoughts or emotions. I learned this at an early age from my father. He was a man of few words and wouldn't act on a decision until an argument had... Continue Reading →


As water fills her bath so do thoughts fill her mind -both readying for the day I sense no currents under her skin I see no whirlpools deep within just a calm gentle girl ...readying a bath to soak herself... Continue Reading →

Between Thoughts

When all the world burns in chaos and the claws of panic sink deep When emotions take flight like untamed horses derailing chariots of hope -I go to that place between my thoughts where clouds heavy-laden with dreams wait for... Continue Reading →

In Limbo

blocking all noise thoughts float in a nebula zen state established ©Vivian Zems Ronovan writes haiku challenge #189~ Zen/Noise

The Bookworm

Lying between sheets Lazily consuming thoughts Gorging to my fill Ruminating, pondering As only a book worm eats Images liven Breathless with increasing speed I follow these plots Imagining, wondering As only a bookworm lives (#Double Tanka)   ©Vivian Zems... Continue Reading →

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