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Doing Favours

I have work to do today. My duty, as a matter of fact. I make my way to the platform, joining the other commuters. We wait for the train. I join them in their vacant stares, looking at points that... Continue Reading →

Perfect, At All Times

Jeffrey looked anxiously behind him. Scott wasn't there! "Scott! " he whispered fiercely in the dark. No answer. Trying to keep his pulse and his steps steady, Jeffrey strode purposefully across the garden and eased himself through the gate. He... Continue Reading →

Night’s Adventures

She tears off flesh and smacks her lips A protein diet- good for her hips Lady-wolf with a difference Stealing wallets, her recompense Better for jewels than fish and chips ¬©Vivian Zems (#limerick) Limerick: a humorous five-line poem with a... Continue Reading →

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