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The Sunday Muse

Who Will Heal This World?

In a parched world that needs healing You are the shade of clouds that cool the relentless heat You are the expectation of showers that quench the fields’ thirst You are the cedar tree that’s a refuge in the storm... Continue Reading →

A World Gone Mad

In a tired world teetering between a buck’s antlers I saw a worried lion counting his money as an irritated eagle stalked past, determined to dismantle The Flying Committee In the sea, the fish were all up in arms...denying the authority of... Continue Reading →

Among the Ruins

In a city reduced to stones, decayed ruins cast long shadows across a parched desert floor The citizens who haunt forgotten shades remain hulking jackals and the screeching owl- who protects her young while eager to tell me the story... Continue Reading →

Naturally Speaking

As birds fly and fish swim so can drops of knowledge join puddles of understanding without detour maintaining a good attitude with steadfast faith and patience until an ocean of Wisdom is born © Vivian Zems The Sunday Muse #118

Chocolate and Vanilla

In life’s rear view Rosa refused to stand Nelson paid the price for his land King’s dream was shattered by a bullet which birthed more bullets for the chocolate man Until we said NO MORE! © Vivian Zems Seeing... Continue Reading →

Mama Bear

I love the mystery of not knowing the secret power embraced in this frame Of engaging in a moment that has already slipped into the past but lies captured before me Not knowing the depth of Mama bear’s aura that... Continue Reading →

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