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Wake Up!




Tethered to you forever Connected to you in life Entwined with you in death This, our life Loving you With every breath (C)- Vivian Zems  MLMM Photo Challenge #185 Image by – Gerald Larocque


Waiting at the sea shore Lamp held aloft Waiting for her soul mate Of him, she wants more In the distance, she sees him Rowing towards her light The chasm between them Not her only fright Her tether holds her... Continue Reading →

Worth Anything??

  What are you worth? Are you valuable? You tell me Are you more precious Than diamonds? You tell me Are you Tethered to your fears? You tell me How can I tell Even for a spell That you value... Continue Reading →

Unholy Tether

(Image by Sveco) He was moored by this tether This tether of duty Infused with responsibility But he wanted to be set free He set about the task With a collection on knives Some alluring Others, reassuring Some beautiful But... Continue Reading →

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