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Target Practice

“So I sit on the edge, wagging my feet above the abyss” ~ Jim Harrison from Bridge / Dead Man’s Float How naughty would it be of me to weaponize my poetry? -picking a target getting them in my cross-hairs and PFFFT!... Continue Reading →

Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

The battle rages on People taking sides Being put upon To join the fracas To join the tide Relieved to be left alone Only a short respite Despite the fight Right or wrong Weak or strong This battle is of... Continue Reading →

No Mercy (A Dark Tale)

Notorious was she Adept in killing sprees She was cold as ice And took pleasure  In her vice She was a weapon  Her sword, like a laser Her touch could deaden And it didn't faze her They gave her a target... Continue Reading →

The Perfectionist (My Worst Enemy)

(Daily Post) I snort in derision I knew her it was her decision Miss 'oh-so-perfect ' Miss 'genius and precision' She sets the bar so high Looking down in disdain If you do not attain That goal in the sky... Continue Reading →

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