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But Still, I Skate

The ground has changed its texture from soft grass to treacherous ice Shoes morph into skates With these-I navigate my destiny oblivious to the holes that yawn beneath the surface But still I skate Guided only by a primal instinct... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Tea Time!

Another layer is peeled away as I crunch survival between bleeding teeth Another realisation comes to stay as I swallow survival to be buried deep beneath Fear and survival are nothing new to me I'll crush them and chew them... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got This

Sometimes in life we try to make sense of conflict by using the emotional tools at our disposal. Because every action is powered by a motive, I imagine that we could easily confuse our weapons and our wounds. How on... Continue Reading →

Changing My Name

I want to change my name I want to be called 'cherished' I want to be called 'worthy' the old, bad names that bathed me in acid and fire sometimes call out to me in my night terrors sometimes they... Continue Reading →

Call To Action

When wrath wraps its knuckles around the butt of a knife do we raise our voices or do we keep silent? When wrath cocks its finger on a guns' trigger, do we wail in anger or do we keep silent?... Continue Reading →

The Second Voyage of Sinbad

Under the sun's rays a diamond brings comfort death bribed yet again ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1348

Making New Friends

Mired thoughts Whirring in her mind Cascading Dark abyss Depression her only friend When will it all end? By sheer will Turning her mind off She rallies Fighting back Friendships can come to an end Time to make new ones... Continue Reading →

How long?

Survival of life A guarantee for us all Length of time not so ©Vivian Zems Weekly Haiku – Senryu Prompt Challenge – 13 – Survival & Life      

The Fight for Her Life

The Big C is her enemy It stalks her everywhere she goes She's been told it will get her When that will be She doesn't know She runs and runs Trying to outsmart it But it comes from a bad... Continue Reading →

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