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I’ll Be The Moon

Mayhap not as bright as a sun drenched sky my face pours forth a soft glow in your shadows mayhap not as hot as that passionate star my coolness bathes you with soothing tones mayhap not scorch to touch as... Continue Reading →

The Hunt

unsuspecting prey hawk's wings block the piercing sun a blur of movement ©Vivian Zems Frank J. Tassone #Haikai Challenge #17: Hawk

Melting Ice

Frozen still A block of ice remains Cold air flows A block of ice remains Arctic winds blow A block of ice remains Perchance sunlight's warmth Touches it's face Melting hubris to humility Perchance warm hands caress This block of... Continue Reading →

The Nightingale

Flight to sunny climes A serenade to the skies Winter left behind ©Vivian Zems (#Haiku-kigo) Carpe Diem #1314  

On Our Way Home

Hurricane Ophelia made land fall in the UK on Monday 16th October. We were bathed in an orange sky- a truly magical phenomenon. It was caused by dust from the Sahara  desert and debris from forest fires in Spain and... Continue Reading →

Double Dare

Dare You To try To attempt To touch the sun's core Reach out and stroke it's Sunny face Copyright © 2017Vivian Zems  ( A Fibonacci Poem )

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