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The Sound of Ink

Inching to the light on word-laden heavy feet boiling ink roars in my ears throb in my fingers no longer blood in my veins ink's screams yearning be heard ©Vivian Zems (#Sedoka) Sue Vincent's #writephoto

The Observer

   eyes affixed on this landscape clouds darkly, parting gently heaven’s searchlight peering through mountains in shadow a lake without ripple all await their blessings  ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Sue Vincents #writephoto 

The Sentry

  She perches with stealth head moving in staccato to whispering winds a watcher of the night sky  sentry until break of day ©Vivian Zems Sue Vincent's #writephoto - Crow

The Sycamore Tree

The sycamore tree sits on the crest of the hill gazing with longing into the valley below In the distance crows call in the shrubbery mating bears bellow but this means nought to the sycamore tree that sits on the... Continue Reading →

The Corridor

A corridor of dreams Perchance Leading somewhere it seems Or a corridor of my nightmare Very soon leading nowhere Whether dream or nightmare As I exist in this reverie My consciousness immersed It's a corridor of corridors Which must be... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Blanket

Every so often The earth fancies a covering A blanket of sorts One that carpets the ground Drapes the trees Buries dead leaves Forming make-shift throws Over park benches On such days There's no birdsong But the whisper Of winter's... Continue Reading →

Night’s Adventures

She tears off flesh and smacks her lips A protein diet- good for her hips Lady-wolf with a difference Stealing wallets, her recompense Better for jewels than fish and chips ©Vivian Zems (#limerick) Limerick: a humorous five-line poem with a... Continue Reading →

A Chance Meeting

A coin for the passage  A passage for a song Charon takes payment And ushers us along A psychopomp his trade As we sail past the glade Through the lone eye Our destination beyond There are no more tears No... Continue Reading →

What the Ebb?

Well, well...looky here! See what humans have done to this ebbing landscape It's a tragedy that people don't care for ebbing earth Pollution, climate change -all these are the ebbing causes of  this ebbing problem Sit up, stand the ebb... Continue Reading →

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