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Weapons for Life

I speak often of life being violent -how it slaps and kicks and is ever ready to trip But I’ve changed my perspective It’s not how hard you’re hit It’s more about the strength of your inner core the bulking... Continue Reading →

Where Lions and Eagles Rest

I wrote this whilst on a recent family vacation. I remember thinking how badly I needed a rest- from everything. But not just any kind of rest. I’ve been blogging and writing daily for 2 years- solid- and figured that... Continue Reading →

Wings of Hope

Dark thoughts carried on the wings of melancholia try to worm their way within dreamless sleep They are beaten back by the arrival of the unicorn It gives her comfort as it weaves its magic Strong limbs remind her of... Continue Reading →

Love’s Utopia

Living in utopia loves gives and receives resistant to destruction a force of its own with a great strength unknown resplendent on its throne ©Vivian Zems (#cherita) Real Toads~Tuesday platform 

Fire In Her Soul

Carved from a rib and yet made whole With sacrifice in her spirit and fire in her soul Gentle in nature and mindful of life Soft hands for caring but with fire in her soul Nurturing nations, raising generations Wisdom... Continue Reading →

Torn Scabs

 Scars healing gently Scabs forming slowly Thinking - over the worst Then a trip and fall Was this a blessing or curse? Scabs ripped away Wounds gaping open  Heart strings rang out Fresh blood forming a spout Now knowing beyond... Continue Reading →

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