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Closed Doors

No story ever stands alone; there being a backstory buried beneath. Even the backstory has its own backstory….and so on. So next time you see a closed door...think again. Behind closed doors where naked skies reign without moon or stars... Continue Reading →


Silent Radiance

  silence the dust of stars shining radiance ©Jane Reichhold moonlight beams with joie de vivre she reigns supreme in darkness sounds of quiet subdued kaleidoscope twinkles of hope bird's beaks stayed shut by darkness owls ascend to claim the... Continue Reading →

Teleporting Topless

  In my dreams, I'm Lt. Uhura teleporting topless between planets Pura and Mura A trekkie at heart I'll play any part asleep or awake any excuse, I will make Perchance I'm topless  'cos I'm 20 years younger but that's... Continue Reading →

Drink You In

Eyes drinking in eyes Stars fall from open heavens Just the two of us ©Vivian Zems Carpe  Diem Haiku Kai #1324 Inspired by Paulo Coelho: [...] “Let yourself get carried away by the night from time to time. Look up... Continue Reading →

Orion’s Belt

Stars in our eyes A constellation of three The night's royalty ©Vivian Zems (#Haiku) November Writing Prompt 17/30

It’s Never About Birds

It’s never about birds in poetry; it is about our inadequate, marrow-filled bones that weigh us down reminding us of the immediacy of the dust. It’s never about stars in poetry; it is about trying on our different masks, searching... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Wishes

When in the dark I wish for stars When in a storm I wish for a rainbow With more wishes to come I see strength In my scars And in the shade At a glance Just by chance I catch... Continue Reading →

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