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There’s nothing maladroit about picking up your broken pieces It may be a war that rages within your bones It may be thoughts that scatter like rotting teeth after a bar fight It may even be frozen breath- too strangled... Continue Reading →

THAT Moment

There was a day, an hour and a moment when my muse was unlocked and I began to write. I remember the euphoria...indeed, I relive it each time I re-arrange words in my mind...(the exception being when filling in forms....yuck!).... Continue Reading →


 “At four in the morning my body bumped against the ceiling” from North American Image Cycle in The Shape of the Journey   Let me tell you a secret of a peace  that is little known It swells with euphoria                                filling your... Continue Reading →

Yearning Spirit

“There is a human wildness held beneath the skin that finds all barriers brutishly unbearable -Jim Harrison Songs of Unreason   Within this embodiment that is me -a  lot goes on...that you don’t see My soul gazes out of windows just... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

These days.... shipwrecked on the shores of the living Most days....carving a  new path with my shovel Some days ....chasing my rabbit-running heart.... imploring it to ‘please calm down!’ Sometimes....hiding under a thick blanket of metaphors  Most times......hiding my fire-breathing... Continue Reading →

Begging Bowl

with enlightenment an echo in the spirit fills empty bowls ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem haiku kai #1389 Inspired by the Sufi poet, Rumi. Saladin's Begging Bowl: Of these two thousand "I" and "We" people, which am I? Don't try to... Continue Reading →

Sinkholes and Sandpaper

A painter of my mind a decorater of my spirit I read many texts to see what I can find Words chafe as sandpaper rubbing out old ideas streaming on a conveyor Good words sink roots in the depths of... Continue Reading →

Memento Mori

She is led back here repeatedly as if drawn by a force. She knows not what she awaits but wait, she does.... Finish the story in Tales in Teacups ©Vivian Zems Memento mori (Latin: "remember that you have to die") Friday Fictioneers... Continue Reading →

Curious Spirit

  (1) Curious spirit escaping Cloaked in dreams to be free Roaming memory's lane Reading the  knowledge tree (2) Its sojourn is brief Returning home with glee Fulfilled with inspiration Clearing her mind of debris ©Vivian Zems (#Naani) Micropoetry Month... Continue Reading →

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