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Wanted: Diligent Gardeners

To, daily, garden minds weeding out malice and planting love exchanging bad for good thoughts working inwards from the edge of reason Making sure said gardens are watered as rain on freshly mown grass or showers that water the earth... Continue Reading →

The Goodbye 

Samantha's trip to Japan had been nothing but eventful - immersing herself in the culture and ways of the Japanese. Yes, she would return. And now, her she was taking part in the Tōrō nagashi. Her prayer, as she lit... Continue Reading →

Valley of Forgotten Souls

Swirling in mists of despair In eternal anguish of repair Judged and condemned Soul-less and devoid of merry A thick soup without  hurry Forgotten souls left to rot Of their provenance, we care not ©Vivian Zems Image by Jasric MLMM... Continue Reading →

It’s Never About Birds

It’s never about birds in poetry; it is about our inadequate, marrow-filled bones that weigh us down reminding us of the immediacy of the dust. It’s never about stars in poetry; it is about trying on our different masks, searching... Continue Reading →

Floating lanterns

Japanese Floating Lantern Festival The lantern festival is to mark the end of the festival of the dead. Traditionally these small paper lanterns are set alight at night, and released up to the sky, or set afloat a river /... Continue Reading →

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