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Winter is set to return this weekend when the second ‘Beast from the East’ hits the UK, plunging temperatures to minus figures and even bringing in further snow. Yellow Severe weather warnings are in place across most of the week... Continue Reading →

Agnostic Acorns

A sea of oak trees stand bereft of flowering leaves snow covers their branches winter, only it's harshness gives Under weight of snow under biting cold they stand silent their feelings don't show some wait in patience to be avenged... Continue Reading →

Snow-Covered Trees

Approaching new year with a certain savoir-faire with dreams of babe leaves stoic trees bear current snow without ill-will or sorrow ©Vivian Zems (#tanka) Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge #64 ~experience /new synonyms

Barren Trees

Where do dead leaves go? now mulch under falling snow daubed in mud and rain barren trees remain silent awaiting promise of spring ©Vivian Zems (#Tanka) Image by Donna Wilson Colleen's weekly poetry challenge #63~cover, precipitation synonyms


Life as a parent is fraught with worries, negotiations and nagging doubts. It's also peppered with triumphs and pleasant surprises. A case in point was when I received a text from my daughter last week. It simply said, "You've sacrificed... Continue Reading →

What’s This?

Falling from the sky White rain that does not change Time for a taste ©Vivian Zems Frank J. Tassone’s HAIKAI CHALLENGE  *Zeus' First Snowfall*

Winter’s Blanket

Every so often The earth fancies a covering A blanket of sorts One that carpets the ground Drapes the trees Buries dead leaves Forming make-shift throws Over park benches On such days There's no birdsong But the whisper Of winter's... Continue Reading →

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