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Tugging Corners In Silent Speak

So, I've been working on (and nearly finished editing) Smiles Under Pillows. This is the part I absolutely detest. Anyhow, I've been struggling with a foreword and have scrapped several ideas; nothing seems to work. So, I decided to turn... Continue Reading →

Lies, Smiles and Guiles

Hiding behind charming smiles covered by busy lives scars heal in their own time secrets swept away from the wise The lies come easy and sweet "I ran into a door" rolling off the tongue nice and neat "I grazed... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

These days.... shipwrecked on the shores of the living Most days....carving a  new path with my shovel Some days ....chasing my rabbit-running heart.... imploring it to ‘please calm down!’ Sometimes....hiding under a thick blanket of metaphors  Most times......hiding my fire-breathing... Continue Reading →

Perfectly Imperfect

  A veritable cornucopia of smiles Flitting across your face Each one holds me With eternal grace The happy and fearful ones I've come to adore The perplexed and suspicious ones Abrasions to my core The only smile On your... Continue Reading →

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