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A World Gone Mad

In a tired world teetering between a buck’s antlers I saw a worried lion counting his money as an irritated eagle stalked past, determined to dismantle The Flying Committee In the sea, the fish were all up in arms...denying the authority of... Continue Reading →

Stories on the Move

Let’s take our stories with us or let our stories carry us along cradling us between letters that form the padded walls of our minds Down the narrow highway straight into the river without the rude interruption  of a paragraph... Continue Reading →

Silent Conversations

  What thoughts must run through the minds of grave-diggers and under-takers as exhaustion leeches from their bones grief fills the air What conversation can be had between the living and the dead as graveyards fill and eyes fill... Continue Reading →

Deepest Desire (in the era of Corona)

Let’s take our minds for a walk through leafy-green parks warmed by a thousand suns paying homage to our lungs ...crooning ballad after ballad whilst avoiding the coppers and shutting our eyes to the signs © Vivian Zems #skyloverwordlist-ballad Day... Continue Reading →

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