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Her Way

Nerve- muscle- bone and sinew bow in submission Even her shadow keeps a respectful distance as they watch her ink scrawl stories over the  tapestry of  willing skin -spilling its excess…drop unto a hungry page © Vivian Zems Image:... Continue Reading →

Winter Games

Laughter and snuggles Under warm blankets we dive -playing hide and seek skin to skin cheek to cheek kisses for warmth  The scent of your skin is the only tongue  I care to speak  ©Vivian Zems Real Toads-Scent 

Stemming the Tide

Rain beats at my window trying to get in I won't let the drops touch my skin Their desire - to beat me into blind submission -to mix with my tears making a sad precipitation So nothing...but nothing will make... Continue Reading →


Were it not for this teflon -these confines of my skin, I would be like a firecracker bursting out from within I comport myself for social decorum's sake and stroll through life whistling whatever tune my lips make -Very carefully... Continue Reading →

Pain Will Out

Her heart screams in pain It's cries go unheard Buried deep within Several layers of skin Muffled with stuffing Sealed firmly in place Cries become dull echoes Faint tingles in her toes Having the last say Her pain worms it's... Continue Reading →

Sense of Touch

(#Haiku) Silkiness of skin Through the eyes of my fingers Seeing  your blood sing (C)-Vivian Zems   Ronovan Writes Weekly #169

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