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A Dying Earth

A poem is a land with oceans and shores looking up at swelling moons and shrinking suns that live in cloud-choked skies that spend their days and nights stretching over a dying earth ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- Tuesday Platform

Journey of a Prayer

Lunch hour at work. Just enough time to pen a poem. In reality, I've been ruminating on this one since yesterday and I'm no-where nearer understanding the essence of a prayer. I know what it is, obviously- and why...but I... Continue Reading →

A Letter From Hell

I open the fan inscribed with my sister's writing Many-a-word she has laid bare I read her words for me only - to share "I've been in hell for many a year but don't cry for me don't shed a... Continue Reading →

Peace Within: Carpe Diem’s Winter Retreat

  forgiving skies a lake without furrowed brow zen in play ¬©Vivian Zems (#Haiku) Carpe Diem's Winter Retreat- Day 9 Forgiving Fridays

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