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Dating In The Dark

I cannot rest when the moon is full, it’s wintery presence keeps me wakeful. That's why I told Keith I'd meet him in the theatre parking lot at this ungodly hour. I'd never met him before-well-not in person. But when this... Continue Reading →

Judging Covers

  Mark smiled at Paula across the corridor. She smiled back shyly. They'd both enjoyed dinner last night. This was the first time in a long while he'd clicked with someone. Tonight, they were going to the theatre after work.... Continue Reading →

Accessory Before the Fact

The task before me was daunting. Susan was determined to poison her husband and guess who she asked for help? I balked at the idea and despite my remonstrations, she stuck to her guns. So here I am googling arsenic... Continue Reading →

Changing My Name

I awoke  with some alarm. Shame washed over me.What had I done last night? Oh my days....I couldn't believe the disastrous event of the night before.  "That's it," I fumed, "I'm changing my name!" I hurriedly prepared for work and... Continue Reading →

The Jump

They were a motley crew; a group thrown together by odd circumstances. There was Sandra and her best friend, Kyle. Those two were more like twins; they were so in sync; finishing each other's sentences and constantly whispering. The old... Continue Reading →

Calling Card

Ray arrived at the printing press early. He was in charge of deliveries, and after running a couple of errands, returned to the office for a quick coffee and a sandwich. He kept one eye on the breaking news unfolding... Continue Reading →

I Salute You

Image by Funkwood (6 word story) General Hindsight, the best general ever. The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems All rights reserved

Snapshot of Terror

They raced down dark alleys, turning every which way. Gunshots rang out in the air behind them. With every shot Amanda was certain she'd been hit. Her rubbery legs propelled her forward whilst she kept her eyes glued to the... Continue Reading →

DIY Widow

Today was going to be a wonderful day. The sun shone brightly and Becky had planned a picnic. Picnic basket ready, she hurried to get Jerry out of bed. Moments later, he was in the shower. “Becky!” he called, “I've... Continue Reading →

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