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Her Way

Nerve- muscle- bone and sinew bow in submission Even her shadow keeps a respectful distance as they watch her ink scrawl stories over the  tapestry of  willing skin -spilling its excess…drop unto a hungry page © Vivian Zems Image:... Continue Reading →

Hazy Moon

trifecta over she hides her face in shadow now a hazy glow ©Vivian Zems Frank J. Tassone ~ Hazy Moon, Haiku Horizons~ Moon  

Rainbow Wishes

When in the dark I wish for stars When in a storm I wish for a rainbow With more wishes to come I see strength In my scars And in the shade At a glance Just by chance I catch... Continue Reading →

Puppet Master 

Only in shadow  You see the puppet master Controlling his words His actions are not his own Only light reveals the truth (A Tanka Poem) Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems          Colleen's Weekly Challenge 

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