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I’m Good Enough

Oh the years I lived with self-doubt without a chance to sit it out it would just follow me about stopping my voice-sealing my shout Until I became bored with it and began to battle right back doubt fled my oncoming attack... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt

Beguiled by deep thoughts swimming through your memories Finding  the real you -a soul wrought in purest gold You-as you are meant to be ©Vivian Zems Colleen's Tanka Challenge- bewitch/ treasure synonyms

Bitter-Sweet Symphonies

“What beauty in this the darkest music over which you can hear the lightest music of human behavior, the tender connection between men and galaxies.” from Warbler / Dead Man’s Float   Believe in yourself  Throw on a raincoat  when the... Continue Reading →

Threads of Life

Tonight at dVerse poets is Open link Night #204- hosted by Gayle. The metaphors in my poem are a reflection of my soul searches.....still searching. (#Sedoka) Going back in time Picking up threads of my life Some strong, others, feathery... Continue Reading →

Never Again

When I look back at the years And see how I treated you I'm so ashamed Too ashamed to trace The disappointment on your face That I allowed you to take the blame That I allowed you to take the... Continue Reading →

She Woke Up

(6 word story ) And found out who she was. Copyright © 2017Vivian Zems

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