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Lost in the Woods

In the brush of the forest pain comes out as a sigh in answer to a question that falls as a tear The trees whisper to me but I have no ears and I must listen I have no mouth... Continue Reading →

Love Thyself

In the struggle To love yourself -step out of your skin turn to the shell left behind cuddle that shell tell it how precious it is reassure it endlessly of its worth promise to guard it with your life SCREAM... Continue Reading →

On Parenting…

This is a typical exchange between my teenager and I when he's asked to do the dishes: Me: What is it about teenagers That makes you not believe A single word out of their mouths Enough to make you scream!... Continue Reading →

The Mistake I Made

The mistake I made Was not daring to cry If you looked in my eyes They'd shimmer and shine The mistake I made Was not daring to scream I'd lock it away And throw away the key Now I cry... Continue Reading →

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