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  On those days when tearing at the sky seems better than singing to the heavens When fire-breathing dragons  morph from belly butterflies And angry scars scream for attention ...that's when I remember that a warrior is permitted to have... Continue Reading →

Closed Doors

No story ever stands alone; there being a backstory buried beneath. Even the backstory has its own backstory….and so on. So next time you see a closed door...think again. Behind closed doors where naked skies reign without moon or stars... Continue Reading →

In the Classroom of Life

A heart falls on a carpet of thorns hurt and dismayed that the cushion of promises has been so callously replaced It lies there- bleeding from its many wounds. But ....slowly it begins to heal- scar tissue toughening its innards... Continue Reading →

On The Mend

He checks on his heart -a little weepy maybe -his only treasure-she's okay What happened was bad-real bad but she's on the mend - a good thing He taps at his heart she opens one teary eye Ah- but fewer... Continue Reading →

Like A Stake Through It…..

Slow to heal These scars of the heart With each beat The scars pull apart That's why heartbreaks Feel like heart-stakes Broken hearts heal Real nice and slow But When they finally do They allow fresh blood to flow And... Continue Reading →

Love Your Scars, Because……..

(6 Word Story)  Scars don't form on dead flesh. The End Copyright 2017  Vivian Zems

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