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Getting Out Of Bed etc

If I could summarise 2019, it would be as a journey on the high seas with periods of calm interspersed with violent storms. There were days when getting out of bed seemed impossible and yet other days when I charged... Continue Reading →

‘Me First’

What’s so wrong with ‘me first’? That I should tender to my very molecules That I should orchestrate my own brainwaves and insist on creating ‘value of self’ for selfsake? So here it is -the boundary line ..separating me from... Continue Reading →

The Battlefield

(#Quadrille) Fertile battlefields A world without spice This abyss without borders The galaxy, it's distance Its wars must be won Well-being, a sign of victory   The mind is a battlefield Our muses ready to combat Fine threads in our... Continue Reading →

There’s Something Wrong….

If everyone's crazy, but you're sane. The End Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems (6 word story)

Mind My Own Business

(Daily Post) You may have asked for forgiveness Who knows? It's none of my business You may have asked for Grace Who knows? It's definitely not my place You may have awoken from your reverie with a Jolt Simply assuming  I’d... Continue Reading →

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