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S’all Good!

When I looked at this picture I was fascinated by the gentleman's stoicism, despite being uncoupled from his body! Then it struck me...John the Baptist had this problem. He'd sent word out to his cousin (Jesus) to spring him from... Continue Reading →

The Bronze Serpent

We walk in the wilderness adorned with literacy cloaked in sophistication yet lacking in wisdom We exult in our knowledge oblivious of our creator so - when bitten by vipers of sickness and depravity ...we seek the eyes of the... Continue Reading →

The Path

If you believed for a second's scintilla that there was a world beyond this one we live- you'd see what I see in this gardener's art you'd see the narrow path (seemingly unnecessary ) in the midst of a vast... Continue Reading →

The Bigger Picture

a virgin chosen salvation for many God's plan ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem #1385~ Mary  

Message in a Bottle

She put a message in a Bottle Sent it out to sea The message was about him It's contents only For his eyes to see The message read thus: "Thank you for sharing  Your life with me Thank you for... Continue Reading →

The Good Samaritan 

He never ceased to wonder At the mystery of  Human nature  The sheer Volume of quiet Made the silence complete When at his peak Friends called him to speak Perceived at his lowest Suddenly, they became slowest To Call To... Continue Reading →

Mire Of Anarchy

(Image by Annewipf)   Deep breath drawn in He juts out his chin Face set like flint He will not give in Enemies gather From near and far He will not falter Neither surrender Hubris, his shield Anger, his weapon... Continue Reading →

Mind My Own Business

(Daily Post) You may have asked for forgiveness Who knows? It's none of my business You may have asked for Grace Who knows? It's definitely not my place You may have awoken from your reverie with a Jolt Simply assuming  I’d... Continue Reading →

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