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For National Poetry Month this year, I wrote the following poem and pasted it on my Facebook page: In the beginning after the world was formed and mountains took shape and rivers determined to snake It was only at that... Continue Reading →

The Lake

Calm exterior  Masking a lake of fire  Eternal pyre (C)- Vivian Zems  (#Haiku) Ronovan Writes Weekly #171 Real Toads,  Tuesday Platform

Beware ‘1984’- An Essay

I first read George Orwell's 1984 when I was 17 years old. Since then, I've re-read it 3 more times. Orwell's concept has forever fascinated me. For those who need a reminder, the main character, Winston Smith lives in an... Continue Reading →

Mirror Man

Moving cautiously careful to avoid the man in the mirror- that was his greatest fear that he would face this man and all would become clear eschewing people whose faces are mirrors clinging only- to opaque visitors hoping to avoid... Continue Reading →

Love my Neighbour as Myself? Maybe….. Maybe not (The Pharisee)

  As I awake and look to the sky I thank my God that He has placed me so high I pray all the time , volunteer when I can Give to the poor, and of you, God- a devoted... Continue Reading →

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