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The Mirage of Falsity

The source of inspiration for this piece was the preponderance of fake news, lies, gossip and the like. They never last, as truth ultimately outs itself. However, while these negative elements rage, with much drama, they insist on infecting every... Continue Reading →


the rope of reason tugs at the heart of my soul I'm lost in wine ¬©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1390 Inspired by Rumi, the Mystical Poet The Flute Weeps: the flute weeps to the pacing drum the drunken... Continue Reading →

Conspicuous Coincidences

As sure as day follows night As sure as seasons change So our hellos Follow our goodbyes Without reason Without asking why ©Vivian Zems Inspired by Heart of Stone on Pinterest December Writing Prompts 6/31


To Think is a gift To Feel is a treasure To Reason is human nature But to be Inspired, a seismic shift Shifting into another dimension A dimension only sensed Sensed by your soul Understood by your heart A dimension... Continue Reading →

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