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The Hunter

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair! Oh my This pose That neck Forgive me while I stare   I gaze at her face Drinking in the graceful curve of her neck What a shame, how sad for me My Rapunzel... Continue Reading →

I Deserve the Best!

Too fat! Too thin! Too ugly! Not-quite-right! Urgh-poor! Rapunzel stormed back to her sewing, fuming. Mr Perfect had better be along now or ELSE! (C)-Vivian Zems 140 characters Previously on Rapunzel  Twittering Tale #54

The Tower

Peter heard his own voice becoming more hoarse as he continued to shout up at the window of the tower. He had dreamed of this moment for months and was euphoric with excitement. He stopped to catch his breath, took... Continue Reading →

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