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A Love Affair

a wave rises past the edge of sea cliffs kissing a rainbow ©Vivian Zems Rainbows of High Tide coming to sea cliffs the off-shore breeze raises a flower fragrance out of a wave rainbows of high tide arching wind ©... Continue Reading →

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

In the land of leprechauns -where the best ships are friendships In the land of magic rainbows -with pots of gold to behold the shamrock-like the Holy Trinity symbol of Christianity -a reminder of St Patrick, saint for all eternity... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Rainbow

A wonder to behold, this kaleidoscope kissing open meadows and hill tops unable to touch but ever giving hope a promise of old - made by The Ancient of dreams unfurled- beyond this kaleidoscope I see this rainbow punctuating rain... Continue Reading →

Alai Valley (Northern Route)

untouchable peace rainbows kiss mountain peaks God's tapestry ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1367-Alai Valley (Northern Route)

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