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My Jealousy

I watch as the rain runs its hands all over your body while a gentle wind wraps you in its embrace -all the while covering your face in blue leafy kisses I watch as the cold decides to put away... Continue Reading →


as heaven opens I’m sheltered from pouring rain by clear blue-sky thoughts  ©Vivian Zems Rain – MLMM-Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille

Stemming the Tide

Rain beats at my window trying to get in I won't let the drops touch my skin Their desire - to beat me into blind submission -to mix with my tears making a sad precipitation So nothing...but nothing will make... Continue Reading →

Tears of War

Tears masked by falling rain flow unabated down faces subjected to war and pain Broken spirits pick up pieces of broken souls in falling rain Warring nations battle for power not minding bodies left in lanes Sighs of woe fill... Continue Reading →

A Day Decides

A new day can't decide if it wants to make an appearance It looks around for inspiration stopping to observe the sea kissing the shore It looks in the recent past to see the moon and stars snoring soundly It... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Rainbow

A wonder to behold, this kaleidoscope kissing open meadows and hill tops unable to touch but ever giving hope a promise of old - made by The Ancient of dreams unfurled- beyond this kaleidoscope I see this rainbow punctuating rain... Continue Reading →

Barren Trees

Where do dead leaves go? now mulch under falling snow daubed in mud and rain barren trees remain silent awaiting promise of spring ©Vivian Zems (#Tanka) Image by Donna Wilson Colleen's weekly poetry challenge #63~cover, precipitation synonyms

Pish Posh

People watching from my window Rain in sheets, black ice in store Pish posh- boots in water Splish splash- cars make showers Stumble grumble- commuters glower Split splat, a fall- then another ©Vivian Zems (#cherita) December Writing Prompts 18/31

The Storm God

(#Tanka) Jupiter, Storm God Reigning over pouring rain Whipping wind as reins Bringing home prosperity Leading Rome to victory Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems dverse poetry prompt: rain, rein, reign

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