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Quadrille Monday

Sweet Relief

When itch comes to scratch are we really so different from one another? Are we? Tell me! We each- reach for that raging spot desperate to quiet its silent screams scratching and moaning in sweet relief a satisfied mosquito... Continue Reading →

The Fearless

 Blessed are those who’ve been to hell and back -barefoot, they traverse hot coals and still stay on track Blessed are those who’ve been purified by fire -they are observed with glow in their aura -as they cycle through life... Continue Reading →


I walked a cobbled mile down a cobbled street and met a man so shy his silence spelled ‘delete’ He threw me a smile to take on this cobbled mile So I teetered on my heels jauntily turning my walk... Continue Reading →

Stemming the Tide

Rain beats at my window trying to get in I won't let the drops touch my skin Their desire - to beat me into blind submission -to mix with my tears making a sad precipitation So nothing...but nothing will make... Continue Reading →

The Student

As he inches along the edges of his frayed soul he finds a student cross legged with a notebook ready for life's lessons As a bubbling ocean- life is a muddle without solution He learns that the joy of life... Continue Reading →

Another Wakeful Night

What do I see in my bed? little worries gathered by my head they cloud on pillows their groans- eerie billows determined to fill me with dread I plead for all to leave Alas, unto me they cleave determined to... Continue Reading →

Ninja- Me

on sure footing but sometimes I miss those egg-shells They trained me in stealth making me a ninja in 6-inch-heels tap-dancing through flames waltzing to the melody of chaos without a cracking spell those egg-shells sure gave me skills A... Continue Reading →

Fire Within

Who is woman but one on a slow burn gentle in nature with a roaring fire in her soul she's heated with compassion warm in tenderness ignites with desire and combusts if wronged Beware! She is but woman and one... Continue Reading →

Every Tunnel Ends

Placed in love's graveyard, in a vortex of darkened chaos, a foreigner to kindness -charred by molten lava she endures all-without murmur The tunnel narrows light at the end driving out sorrow Hope? A silent exit she sighs -having tried.... Continue Reading →

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