Smell The Coffee

Wake Up!



Just Forget It!

Fear with its ugly face trys to catch my eye It does not realise my focus is on the prize “I forget to remember fear” ©Vivian Zems (# clarity pyramid) MLMM Saturday Lucky Dip #5 A Clarity Pyramid (with a 1,... Continue Reading →

Destiny’s Path

This image -forever sealed in my mind is a metaphor for my path to destiny -there are monsters hidden here- around each corner watchers watch me eerily without sound "Give up!"  mockers jeer so nastily But Dad once told me... Continue Reading →

Eye On the Prize

  I used  to pause visions  be a people pleaser deviating from destiny ------No more------ now I walk that narrowing path finding joy in my dreams with my eye on The Prize ©Vivian Zems (#Butterfly Cinquain) MLMM Photo Challenge #204

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