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Taking Heed

When your moral compass goes astray just about anything goes -come what may Jealousy and pride become fast friends anger and unforgiveness pledge allegiance to the end The road to destruction seems paved with vengeance while the fruits of life... Continue Reading →


(#Chaucerian stanza) Expelled from heaven For the sin of pride Beauty, her only weapon She searches with nowhere to hide So with mankind she must abide Infesting man with her sin Blending in- as though kin Copyright -2017 Vivian Zems... Continue Reading →

No Escape

(#Haiku) Imprisoned by pride The bane of human nature Our hubris, our jail (C)-Vivian Zems With Real Toads   

Hidden Fear

Why am I in this nightmare? Fear, when did you show up? Did you hear the rustling in my heart ? Why do you hide? Is it because you've changed your face? Or are you now a trapped bird in... Continue Reading →

At The End

(#Nonet) Once being men of great wealth and pride These once had been men of substance  Soul-less men bowed and made low  On wine, women and song Their past lives now spent  Beaten as they Silently  Head to Hell Copyright... Continue Reading →

Black And Proud (Free Verse)

Awhile ago In another time and place A dream was born A dream to defend my race The dreamer prayed For an end to all the hate Against a proud race Our dark skin, our pride A colour and spice we... Continue Reading →

The Prisoner

They were in charge His demons His Partners - at large Possession complete In their grasp, him they keep Helpless and hopeless He's firmly in their grip To do their bidding He speaks with their lips The Demon of Pride... Continue Reading →

Such Hubris

Oh the joy of self-centredness The joy of pure hubris The joy of not thinking of others Oh the joy - to self-obsess But it comes at a price The cost is delusion The price is exclusion The only conclusion... Continue Reading →

The Seven Deadly Sins

   Lust Envy Gluttony Sloth Wrath Pride Greed   Lust That look, that style Hmmm, it's been awhile Envy All in time What he possesses Will  be mine Gluttony He indulges And bulges Sloth I love inertia The work will... Continue Reading →

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