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The Ecstasy of Silence

When I sit with you under an oak tree that is preoccupied with tending its errant leaves -I enjoy our companionable silence that doesn’t shy away from breath between words It is a silence that is content to remain pregnant-... Continue Reading →


Journey of a Prayer

Lunch hour at work. Just enough time to pen a poem. In reality, I've been ruminating on this one since yesterday and I'm no-where nearer understanding the essence of a prayer. I know what it is, obviously- and why...but I... Continue Reading →

Now You See Me…..

Preamble: So often, I dive into a poem-headlong-having worked out the meaning and the kinks in my head. It's occurred to me that my non-poetic friends might find a preamble useful; giving the poetry some context.  In this piece, I've... Continue Reading →

Prayer Time

Thunder claps above the prayer bell rings storms pause ©Vivian Zems Day 10  

Walls With Ears

Today was a day cloaked in a mist of hope; interspersed with flashes of panic. A family member had to have surgery with only a days' notice to prepare. I'm glad to say it all went well.  As I sat in... Continue Reading →

A Blessing For My Daughter

(#Retourne - A Collaborative Poem) May your heart sing like the ocean May the air be clear around you May your midnight flame burn bright May your feet find firm ground to stand May the air be clear around you... Continue Reading →

Love my Neighbour as Myself? Maybe….. Maybe not (The Pharisee)

  As I awake and look to the sky I thank my God that He has placed me so high I pray all the time , volunteer when I can Give to the poor, and of you, God- a devoted... Continue Reading →

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