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The Gift

Who can fathom the mood and power of words? I open my written gift perfect in rhythm and punctuation masterful in chasing fear away pure poetry in the promise of power a wonderful reminder of the gift of love ....... Continue Reading →

The Nature Of Water

If water had a shape would it be as calm as a lake or possess the muscles of the ocean? If water had a voice would it gurgle with glee or roar as it cascades off rocks? If water had... Continue Reading →


  What do I know of power? I cannot fathom its texture or dimensions Is it loud? Does it growl….or shake its fists at passers-by? No, I do not know power But... I do know survival It's staying one step... Continue Reading →

Control Issues

Thursday -a day off. But the kids have plans. Before school-time, they instruct me to buy 'handsome' Zeus some treats for his up-coming birthday. So dutifully, I head to the pet store and buy some dog wine and dog beer.... Continue Reading →

Power of Speech

A word spoken aloud becomes a vibrant force burrowing into eager minds Alive! ©Vivian Zems (#Cinquain) Poets United~ Word

A Higher Power

Poseidon's strength awes the earth Feared by all as God of the Sea Hearts fail as the earth quakes Now lies broken Trident smote by Trinity At the bottom of the sea ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita)  MLMM Photo Challenge #190 Ronovan... Continue Reading →

The Wanker

He’s terrified of small spaces, didn’t you know But that never stopped him from putting on a show Unsuspecting women Lured to his room Engaging them in a spectle Enough to make them swoon Sorry he says, I used my... Continue Reading →

This Mountain

Chèvrefeuille has introduced  Joachim Raff, the best composer of the romantic era. His Symphony no. 7  "In the Alps" is the inspiration for this haiku. Enjoy! Adorned with woven flakes At times friend other times foe Power in its... Continue Reading →

Life’s Mission

(# Tanka) The power of life Lies in losing fear of death Nothing else matters Except answering your call While your heart keeps beating on Copyright - 2017 Vivian Zems Imaginary Garden with Real Toads- Weekend Mini-Challenge: Juice    ... Continue Reading →

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