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Day 10 : A Poet’s Function

In these last days poets are like creatures raised who rail against stupidity against inhumanity and against death and destruction we try to make sense of it all But they also serenade us with love and laughter tempt us... Continue Reading →


Day 8: Monuments and Legacies

in a thousand years to come what will they say of poets and their words? will words not be as monuments to these times? from one millennia to the next as long as breath carries speech words will never die... Continue Reading →

Hiding in Words

Hidden in a world of words Metaphors abound unrestrained  Poets reside in  ephemeral clouds Souls singing  synonyms  Spirits calling out  antonyms  Fingers typing acronyms  Ears leaning fowards to hear Swimming onomatopoeia Laughter as they glean The occasional mondegreen  These words... Continue Reading →

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