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Who Cares?

I’ve been pondering the concept of Truth ...during my existential musings (as you do), and wonder how you would be able to tell the difference between a truth and a falsehood. And then I thought, we generally don't care about... Continue Reading →


Breaking My Silence

Mary Oliver, renowned poet has died at the age of 83. She was well known for her straight-talking poetry, believing that poetry 'mustn't be fancy". This made me think of all the poetry I've read over the years...and yes, there... Continue Reading →


Rooting around in the basement of the mind brings nothing but misery and pain Buried under old wounds lie bitterness, envy, malice and red rage Stop! Resist! Summon the elevator of your mind and rise ....and rise above that cemetery... Continue Reading →

Where Lions and Eagles Rest

I wrote this whilst on a recent family vacation. I remember thinking how badly I needed a rest- from everything. But not just any kind of rest. I’ve been blogging and writing daily for 2 years- solid- and figured that... Continue Reading →

The Big Picture

Do you know how to enjoy iced tea thats cools you all the way down to your feet while flames lick at you constantly? It's by seeing the big picture -by focusing on yonder green pastures and celebrating victories before... Continue Reading →

The Book of Her Dreams

Reading from the same page that was how it was always meant to be in her visions and rose-tinted dreams but he moved to new chapter and when she was to a blank page the book was shut... Continue Reading →


As water fills her bath so do thoughts fill her mind -both readying for the day I sense no currents under her skin I see no whirlpools deep within just a calm gentle girl ...readying a bath to soak herself... Continue Reading →

Beyond Words

  Fear dons the red mask of anger, fooling everyone else but you Shrill night terrors-I valiantly attempt to drown in coffee brew Incipient paralysis-I cover with much mustered swagger Yet I just know that in the same way I... Continue Reading →

Lips and Fonts

“Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness.” from Birds Again ~ Jim Harrison We try to choose the fonts of prayers that spew beyond bruised lips -to see which format will be acceptable as an offering (blindfolding consciousness) -all the while... Continue Reading →

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