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My “Robinson Crusoe Phase”- Coping With Covid-19

I don’t count the lockdown days anymore. What began as an enthusiastic rolling-up-of-sleeves-to-tackle-all-those-unfinished-projects battle cry.....has slowly morphed into large helpings of ice cream, huge chunks chocolate with lethal doses of Netflix! I’m calling this the "Robinson Crusoe phase" of my... Continue Reading →

A Mountain of Lies

I search for truth.... under a mountain of words so densely packed as to shut daylight out so precariously perched.... and as unsteady as the weaving drunk -as though resting   on a foundation more of sand than of rock ©Vivian... Continue Reading →

The Wind

I watched the wind today swished past me raking its fingers through my hair while parting trees and lifting leaves I watched the wind today as it danced past me ..tickling my feet while whispering loudly in my ear... Continue Reading →

The Mirage of Falsity

The source of inspiration for this piece was the preponderance of fake news, lies, gossip and the like. They never last, as truth ultimately outs itself. However, while these negative elements rage, with much drama, they insist on infecting every... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I’m a friend you want to greet Other times I’m that friend you’d rather not meet I swim in your tears I ride on your smile I whisper in your ear and chase away your fears I wasn’t born... Continue Reading →

Today’s World

In a world where the outer is more relevant than the inner where promises are only as strong as the breath they float on Is it then any wonder that the masses wander - oblivious to the loss of their... Continue Reading →

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