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Fish tears have created a haven for me as I await my fate at the bottom of the deep blue sea where salt caresses my skin and silence has new meaning devoid of churning bursting with tranquility as sensations are... Continue Reading →

I Am Words

I am words arranged in patterns of the universe I am letters jigsawed according to the beat of my pulse I am ink sometimes cool and sometimes flaming I am stories and poems to excite you to provoke you to... Continue Reading →

What Gives?

  What is it about a poem that wakes you up at night It hovers and whispers even though it’s not yet light   Exhausted bones groan Wearily - I moan “No pen or paper today please…. please go away”... Continue Reading →

Impatient Poems

A poem taps at my chest trying to get out It taps again, then begins to shout I search for my muse she's silent- perhaps it's a ruse It begins stamping its feet not backing down or considering retreat This... Continue Reading →

Poetic Travels

 Beam me a poem make my heart soar paint me an image with just your words Weave me a tale with its thread through this poem Now take me away on this woven carpet and show me your dreams let... Continue Reading →

Killing Curiosity

Jerry jiggles and twerks "Hey look!" Tom ponders his next metaphor ©Vivian Zems (#Tau Ku) November Writing Prompts    

Poetry In Motion

Floating Soaring on clouds Metaphors in my dreams Words, priceless pictures in my head Poems (#Cinqain) Copyright 2017- Vivian Zems Daily prompt- Priceless

The Fight for Her Life

The Big C is her enemy It stalks her everywhere she goes She's been told it will get her When that will be She doesn't know She runs and runs Trying to outsmart it But it comes from a bad... Continue Reading →

Tasty Morsel

Warm kiss Edible lips Wandering hearts entwined Turning away from the abyss Cherished Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (A Cinqain Poem) Cinqain Poetry Explained  A cinquain poem is a verse of five lines that do not rhyme.  Each line has a set... Continue Reading →

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