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Naturally Speaking

As birds fly and fish swim so can drops of knowledge join puddles of understanding without detour maintaining a good attitude with steadfast faith and patience until an ocean of Wisdom is born © Vivian Zems The Sunday Muse #118

The Waiting Room

There’s much I wait for: ⁃ a sharp razor that'll cut a tree ⁃ an axe with its immense strength to cut my hair ⁃ common sense to thread it’s way into politics ⁃ kindly lawyers who waive their bills... Continue Reading →

Playing for Time

Nervously biting my nails and tapping my left foot impatiently while staring at the clock of time…..these qualities are so not me. Is it a blessing or curse to be imbued with patience? That, I can never tell. Some would... Continue Reading →

Now You See Me…..

Preamble: So often, I dive into a poem-headlong-having worked out the meaning and the kinks in my head. It's occurred to me that my non-poetic friends might find a preamble useful; giving the poetry some context.  In this piece, I've... Continue Reading →


This is how I feel when overwhelmed with hunger I cradle my food Inhaling its luscious scent kissing and caressing it Stretching this moment keeping my chow nice and warm Please, do not judge me If this meal were your... Continue Reading →

The Patience of Spring

Verdant pastures loom Spring begs our forbearance as seasons battle Surely, winter must depart as spring prepares for triumph  ©Vivian Zems Colleen's Weekly Tanka Challenge #75~patience/green-synonyms only

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