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Pain-Stained Ink

"I cover my pages with pain-stained ink" - Smiles Under Pillows Swirling colours drip from my full pen -bleeding into the paper -forming words that paint vivid pictures of scenes that are perhaps better off left unseen ....emptying me (and... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Ink that Bleeds

The prompt today is this: "write about love for someone who does not know you love them". Well, everyone in my life already knows I love them....I'm boring that way. So, I've used my imagination ....... what else? my pen... Continue Reading →

Papers and Books

    a miracle brings warmth and comfort on paper it flies to rediscover memory made flesh -buried in the ink of books Sealed in breath People alter, people falter but their words never disappear ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- 13... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Nightmare…

Empty pen, blank paper, blocked mind. The End Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems (6 word story)

Hold On To Your Wig!

South Africa's Daily Sun Paper has reported a new crime wave- the theft of wigs- off your head!! It appears that drug addicts have found a new way of making a fast buck. They snatch them to re-sell at local... Continue Reading →

Locked And Loaded

(A haiku poem) Finding some Paper Eyes shift mischievously Pen, weapon of choice Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (image by ConradRuiz)

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