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Kisses and Blows

A view of the ocean reminds me of relationships  I watch the rocks either  being kissed by the waters ever so gently again and again Or the rocks being pounded  into a form of submission  by an insistent ocean ever... Continue Reading →

Moonstruck Repercussions

Ocean waves ashore grains of sand between his toes tears of sore regret pining for love unbegot heart warmed only by moon's glow ©Vivian Zems (#Tanka) MLMM Photo Challenge #200, February Writing Prompts 6/28  Image by Justin Peters    ... Continue Reading →

This Vase

This vase was made with care A delicate pattern of pink bougainvillea snake from its base to it's elegant neck. This vase holds oceans of love, galaxies of hope and a nebula of faith. This vase was made to withstand... Continue Reading →

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