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November Writing Prompts

The Art of Boredom

Watching paint dry is a skill of the vacuous and genius alike. ©Vivian Zems (#American Sentence) November Writing Prompts 29/30

Never-ending Sugar Cubes

Living life on the edge of flavours Tastes of sweetness or bitterness Seep into the marrow and soul Sugar bites A never-ending supply Flavours life's bitterness (#Cherita) ©Vivian Zems November Writing Prompts 27/30

Fractured Figures

Figures Lying broken Outside prayer places Humanity's ugliest face As yet ©Vivian Zems (#Cinqain) Micropoetry Month 26/30 November Writing Prompts 26/30 Image by Erika Farkas

Naked Canvas

With a paint brush  Landscapes stretch in longing for skies With a paint brush Life is breathed into shaded lines Vivid colours weaving stories This naked canvas beseeches  With a paint brush ©Vivian Zems (#Rondolet) November Writing Prompts 25/30

Jumbled Words

This mimicks a reconstruction Conversation Within her head Ought to have said Out in the ether were her words Like flying birds Seeing just pain Now her domain Jumbled words were all she had then No scroll, no pen The... Continue Reading →

Crunchy Munchies

Tis a cold winters night Awakened by crunching Sitting up afright Inching along bowed at the waist Shrinking my height The sounds are louder Oh lawd I'm done for! Tis my end! Can I put up a fight On this... Continue Reading →

Temporary Turmoil

Clothes in the dryer In fight and agitation Just temporary (#senryu) ©Vivian Zems November Writing Prompt 21/30

Iridescent Truths

As truth revealed On iridescent wings So opens our mind’s eye To agents of change To the reason For our being On dragonfly wings ©Vivian Zems November Writing Prompt- Iridescent truths 20/30

Teardrops & Teacups

Closing doors lead to teardrops in teacups but as seasons change and new locks arranged doors swing wide open  revealing new hope but with a difference all the same ©Vivian Zems Real Toads- Weekend mini challenge November Writing Prompt- Teardrops... Continue Reading →

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