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On a Night Like This……

What would a still river say of its thirsty trees? Would it ask them to come in a little tighter on its banks? Perhaps the dark fog may be a reminder of hope circling the drain Perhaps the approaching night... Continue Reading →

Spirit of Day

A day wakes up...sleepy- eyed It’s vision blurred by yesterday’s woes Heavy- hearted it shakes loose of its bindings determined to make the most of itself It calls out to cerulean blue and sings the name of sunny sky These... Continue Reading →

Night’s Stage

  [...] "There is nothing you can see that is not a Bashoflower; there is nothing you can think that is not the moon."[...]  Matsuo Basho night sets the stage between moon and spring flower a spread of beauty Carpe... Continue Reading →

Silent Radiance

  silence the dust of stars shining radiance ©Jane Reichhold moonlight beams with joie de vivre she reigns supreme in darkness sounds of quiet subdued kaleidoscope twinkles of hope bird's beaks stayed shut by darkness owls ascend to claim the... Continue Reading →

Winter Solstice

[The winter solstice is upon us: Thursday, December 21, -today- will be the shortest day of 2017 for anyone living north of the equator]   Long-stretched winter night sunset skimming horizons day cut at the knees ©Vivian Zems Heeding Haiku... Continue Reading →

Still of Night

Sounds of pins dropping In the dead of the night A roar of silence ©Vivian Zems (#Haiku) November Writing Prompts  

Bright Skies

Darkness holds no fear As skies burst with fireworks Guy Fawkes would be proud ©Vivian Zems (#Haiku) Colleen's Weekly Poetry Challenge-Fright, Night synonyms  


I received the sad news that a relative had passed on.  It's so true what they say- that you only remember how people made you feel. If I could ask for a big sister, it would have been her. Her... Continue Reading →

Cloak of Darkness

Day turns round to flee Chased by the night's heavy cloak Winter is coming (C)- Vivian Zems (#Haiku) Frank Tassone #Haikai  Challenge 4: darkness

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